The Gunfighter Meets His Match



The Gunfighter Meet His Match Press (Full Articles)


  • "The music makes it, and if it continues to build on its moments of brilliance with greater resources, more selective casting, and further development of the book, it has the potential to be the kind of original work that musical theatre is waiting for." - My Entertainment World

  • "Shows a deep appreciation for the Western genre with a central theme that is reminiscent of the spaghetti western scores of Ennio Morricone (Shara Radin provides a soprano as clear and haunting as that of Edda Dell'Orso)."- Theater Mania 

  • "Sporting a wickedly asymmetrical haircut to match his crooked grin, Lanning's inexplicably evil Dane is a delight to watch (as villains often are)."-Theater Mania

  • "Kristen DiMercurio, the heroine, is the brightest star of the production. Both as a well-grounded actress and a rich, expressive voice perfectly suited to the music, one feel privileged every time she returns to the stage. I’m thankful that the show is a vehicle to let her do what she does so well. Ms. DiMercurio is alone worth the price of admission"- My Entertainment World

  • "My favorite moment in the show also takes place in this scene, when the two lead dancers, the very capable Chelsea Retzloff and Brandon J. Jones, come on dressed as the Gunfighter and the Girl, and perform an interpretive ballet dance, much like the Dream Laurie and Curly in Oklahoma."- Times Sqaure Chronicles